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Blog Entries are given under the First Amendment free speech protected right to express one’s opinion.

They are the product reviews, opinions and experiences of the individuals who are sharing them. They are presented for anecdotal and educational value ONLY... and are not to be construed as scientific studies, product claims or representations of what others may expect to experience.

We do not endorse them nor even guarantee them to be accurate because we have not investigated them. The  opinions and experiences of these individuals must not be relied upon in predicting the results of anyone else. No number of Blog entries constitutes recommended use by us or product labeling. They are not scientific data and much controversy exists over whether consumers should even be allowed to share experiences in the health area since some may construe them to be scientific data which they are not.

Blog entries may be missing important data that only properly conducted scientific studies could reveal, and are subject by their nature to many errors to which scientifically derived data is not. We are making these experiences available only in this disclaimed context. Please see our additional disclaimer below.





Individual Experiences:

  • My daughter, Melissa, who is a type 1 diabetic, and I heard about RiSoTriene and Seven Essentials and gave both products a try. On the very first day of eating RiSoTriene my daughter said to me, "Mom, I feel better than I have felt in so long." She steadily improved from there.

    Her formerly very scary blood sugar swings, both the highs and the lows, are now a thing of the past. She's active as a gymnast and is doing well in school. She literally was given a new life because of this extremely nutritious food. Her favorite flavor of Seven Essentials is the chocolate. She takes it three times a day and sometimes two scoops at a time. She does this on her own. If she needs extra energy for gymnastics or if is going to go to a party, she takes an extra scoop because it gives her the ability handle any food she might eat that isn't so good for her and it gives her extra strength for her sports.

    I have spent thousands of dollars, literally, in trying to help my child just to feel well and energized. This is the finest all inclusive product I've ever found. I’m willing to talk to anyone who is considering RiSoTriene or Seven Essentials.

    Patsy H.
  • I fell in love with me again because of RiSoTriene. I’m not sure what happened, but from the first day I ate RiSoTriene, my mood improved. I was happier, I no longer craved food and my energy was “there”.
    Merina H.
  • I started eating RiSoTriene in late November 2002. I had my blood checked on December 7, 2002 and continued eating RiSoTriene for the next several months. On April 1, 2003, I had my blood rechecked. The results astounded me. My PSA which had been over 10 was now under 1. I’m elated and a lot of worry is gone from mind. I have found a way to be healthy. It is RiSoTriene.
    Eddie L.
  • My son is 3 1/2 years old and takes the RiSoTriene either by spoon or in a drink. He loves it and it helps his immune system. Our entire family knows the positive difference when we take this perfect food into our bodies.
    Vincent F.

  • When initially using RiSoTriene, I felt as if I had the flu for about three weeks, but I was just too cheap to throw it away. I figured I had paid for it, so I would eat it. I am glad I didn't quit because in the fourth week I began to feel better than I had in several years. The all of the sudden one day my energy returned! I would rather die than give up RiSoTriene. I’m a former multiple sclerosis sufferer and today I have no symptoms. RiSoTriene was part of the nutrition that made the difference for me.
    Joanne F.

  • My husband and I started on the RiSoTriene about six weeks ago. We have to be honest and say that we did not really expect anything life changing, but we decided to try the product because we are both interested in keeping good health. After a few weeks, my husband noticed that he had not been experiencing his usual headaches. He owns a very stressful business and used to take a minimum of eight aspirin a day. The last and most important thing I want to mention is our overall health. We have not had a cold or flu symptom this season! Yea! RiSoTriene!
    Scott and Patty M.

  • I am so glad to have known about RiSoTriene - it works wonderfully. I wish everyone would know about it. I still can't get over how it works for my eyes and my well being in general.
    Zina A.

  • I have had a chronic skin problem on my hand that has been treated by many specialists with no success. I have tried about every ointment and every technique available. About two weeks after using the RiSoTriene the severe itching stopped and now my skin is like velvet. I also feel much stronger - it's wonderful
    Ruth M.

  • Before RiSoTriene, I had very bad experiences with migraine headaches. I started having migraines as a small child. I went to specialists all the time; they told me I would have to take medication for the rest of my life. It's unspeakable. There is no explanation except for it's an amazing product. It cured my headaches in just a few minutes. I love it!"
    C. Tate

  •  At the age of 54, I was beginning to feel tired a lot and had been living in nearly constant and irritating pain from a back injury. I also had a tropical virus recently which caused me to be ill for 15 months. I had been finding it increasingly difficult to exercise because of pain and lack of energy to work out. Since I started using Collastin, RiSoTriene, and the parasite cleaning system, I have had a major increase in energy, a more youthful feeling of well-being.

    I have noticed a marked change in the appearance of my skin all over my body, including my face (which was rather lined from years of work and sports in the sun), which I believe makes me look years younger. Not only does my skin look better, but also it feels softer and more elastic than it has in years. My whole body feels more flexible.

    As an experienced and lifetime dedicated athlete, I was prepared to continue my sports activities as long as I could, even if it hurt. With these products, I believe that not only will I be able to continue much longer, but with a lot more energy, endurance and ease than I had thought possible just a few months ago."
    B. Switzer

  • I am a lot more relaxed and feel good about myself, and I also have a lot more energy. My wife says that I am not as shaky as I used to be, and other people are saying that I sound different, that I am talking much clearer. I am feeling much stronger physically.
    R. Tesch

  • A friend of mine had given me a sample of RiSoTriene and an information tape. It took me a while to listen to the tape, but as soon as I did, I ordered and began taking RiSoTriene. My energy level increased immediately.

    Ever since I've been taking it twice a day, and I love it - I feel great. I'm grateful for RiSoTriene. I'll keep taking it faithfully - I love how it gives me greater energy.
    D. Sheldon

  • Ever since grade school, I have had a problem with severe headaches. They would occur two to three times a week and last an entire day at a time. I took everything I knew of - both over-the-counter and prescription drugs - but nothing seemed to work. Then during high school I was told that I had the early signs of hypoglycemia and would need to watch my diet. The older I got, the worse my symptoms became - they were usually triggered by caffeine or too many carbohydrates.

    I started taking RiSoTriene when it first came out on the market. Within an hour I noticed a difference in how I felt. Gradually the intensity and duration of my headaches have decreased.

    Before trying RiSoTriene, I was having a hard time building muscle when I worked out. Now I take RiSoTriene with me when I exercise and I have already noticed considerable improvement in my overall tone and definition. It has even made a difference in my strength and I don't even have any more huffing and puffing when I run.

    I used to drink a pot of coffee per day, and I could eat a whole bag of chocolate candy in one sitting. Now I take four or five spoonfuls of RiSoTriene daily and both cravings have gone away. What's more, it provides a real boost in energy - but it's a natural type of high. I no longer need the boost caffeine used to give me. I drink one cup of coffee in the morning because I enjoy it, not because I need the energy, and candy just doesn't taste as good anymore.

    RiSoTriene is incredible. If you're not taking it, you should be.
    M. Harper

  • "I used to be dizzy all the time, and I didn't know if it was because I was hypoglycemic or because I was going through menopause. Sometimes the dizziness was so bad that I had to go to bed and stay for awhile.

    I also had a lot of problems with my lower back and was in constant pain - it felt like someone had stabbed me. I had to rub liniments on my back every day, but it was still hard to turn over in bed. Because of the pain, I favored my left foot as I walked, and I developed a limp. It was painful to sit in a car, and I couldn't pick up my grand kids. After a couple of days on RiSoTriene, I woke up and noticed that my dizziness was gone.

    I was so excited, I stood up and bent down and then did it again - I was worried that it was just a fluke. The dizziness had been such a big part of my life that, when it was gone, I felt like I could do more of everything. Because of RiSoTriene, I don't have to use the back liniment anymore. I can turn from side to side in bed without my husband's help, and the pain is no longer a problem. I've even lost weight - I've dropped two dress sizes. RiSoTriene has given me back my life.
    J. Palfrey

  • Getting the right nutrition is very important because now that I've found this product, I can tell my body is working much better. I've tried other herbs and natural products over the last twelve years and gotten only marginal results. But RiSoTriene has really made a big difference. I'm very impressed with it."
    K. Lorenzo

  • I have an eighty-two-year-old father whose health has been really poor. One day I called him, and his wife told me he'd been taking RiSoTriene and loved it. He started with just a teaspoon twice a day, but he felt so much better that he decided to take a teaspoon every few hours.

    In just a few days he seemed like a different person - his energy was up, he was eating more than ever before, and even his voice was stronger. The best part is that he and his wife can go out and do things again.

  • Because of the vast number of health products on the market today that don't live up to their advertising, I have shied away from trying anything. The day I received RiSoTriene, it took only a few minutes - I felt like a million dollars! Now I take RiSoTriene two or three times a day. I even sleep better at night. This is the first time in my life that have been excited about a health product. I want to tell everyone about RiSoTriene.
    R. Hanaman

  • Since my childhood, I have had severe headaches that were not alleviated by the many prescription and over-the-counter drugs I tried. RiSoTriene has gradually reduced the intensity and duration of these headaches. I have also noticed increased muscle tone and definition, and reduced food cravings.
    Mark H.

  • After using RiSoTriene for only two weeks, my whole outlook on life and my sense of self has changed. I no longer need antacids, have lost my midnight sugar craving.
    Karen J.

  • I’ve been eating RiSoTriene for six years now and am very grateful for the positive difference that it has made in my health. In the beginning, when I asked my medical doctor about the potential benefits of eating RiSoTriene, he told me that a rice product could make no  difference in my health since rice has been around for the entire history of mankind and has offered no special benefits despite widespread use for thousands of years.

    But, contrary to his opinion, I am certain that RiSoTriene has made me feel younger and healthier. Whereas, before I had difficulty sleeping at night and difficulty getting through an entire workday, now my sleeping is normal again and my energy levels are much improved. Whereas, before I relied upon antidepressants and stimulants to get through the day, now I feel like a kid again— naturally energized.

    Also, my insurance company used to rate me as a poor risk, based on results of the blood tests which included cholesterol, lipids, sugar, etc. (on which insurability is based). After taking RiSoTriene for three and one half months (with no other changes in my lifestyle) my insurance company, after retesting my blood, changed its opinion of me to a “good risk”. As a result, my life insurance premium went down by $50 per month.
    Kent D.

  • About Dr. Steve Lutes

    Dr. Steve Lutes is a medical epidemiologist and is very informed about nutrition. Having personally experienced health challenges he understands the loss of hope that many people experience and the tremendous find that the products at Healthy-Living are.

    Dr. Steve Lutes says
    I’ve been using RiSoTriene for five years and it's the single best nutritional supplement ever to come along. I developed ‘leaky gut syndrome’ while doing research overseas in the 1970’s and nothing really helped the occasional bouts of acute pain and inflammation or the general lack of energy or quality of life until I started with RiSoTriene. Since then I’ve introduced RiSoTriene to many hundreds of other people with moderate to serious health challenges and watched as they experienced truly life changing results."

    The conditions where RiSoTriene, alone or with other clinical nutritional products, has worked wonders include diabetes, cardiovascular disease (especially recovery in heart attack and stroke patients), cancers, all types of chronic gastrointestinal tract disorders, etc.  This is the natural product I would turn to first to find something can produce spectacular improvements in conditions that others have given up on.

  • About Dr. Joe Hymer

    Dr. Joe Hymer, was a medical doctor from Castroville, Texas.  He has been an avid user of Healthy-Living products for many years attributing his own health to them.

    Dr. Joe Hymer says
    When Dr. Hymer discusses RiSoTriene he is quick to point out his patients use who RiSoTriene make steady progress. With RiSoTriene he says, ‘We don't see the periodic plateaus often encountered in other treatment programs. There are also fewer allergic reactions because it's a natural food with no additives.

    We find that it's almost impossible to get the same results from pills or tablets that have so many added chemicals and fillers. RiSoTriene contains nutrients that fit together to solve the nutritional puzzles of patients with both severe and moderate health problems. These nutrients can do much more than any single nutrient can do on its own. RiSoTriene works.

    An example of RiSoTriene’s power is found in a story about one of my patients. Here in Castroville, Texas I had an elderly patient, Gus Moak, who had a stroke. At the nursing home, we were administering the RiSoTriene in a liquid base to give him nutrients.

    Gus' wife, 89, had been a diabetic for many years. We noticed her blood sugar began getting lower and lower. We kept reducing her medication and soon had her off completely. One day I went to the nursing home to visit Gus and there was Mrs Moak, eating the RiSoTriene! It now made sense that this was the reason her diabetes had improved to the point of having her off all medication. That was over 4 years ago and Mrs Moak has done remarkably well. She loves the RiSoTriene and its many benefits.


Individual Experiences:

  • About Dr. George Kelley

    Dr. K. George Kelly is a second generation doctor and has been a chiropractic physician for nearly ten years. Along with a specialty in chiropractic neurology, he is also board certified in chiropractic internal disorders, which includes extensive training in nutrition and diagnosis of internal disease. Dr. Kelly served for many years as a qualified medical examiner. He received fellowship from the Forensic industrial Chiropractic Consultants for his outstanding clinical practices. He continues to practice chiropractic medicine and serves as a nutritional counselor in Southern California.

    Dr. George Kelly says:
    RiSoTriene intrigued me from the beginning. I couldn't imagine a product that had all the essential fatty acids, amino acids, trace minerals, and over seventy different antioxidants. After doing some research, I was eager to try it myself. Within just two weeks, I started seeing impressive results. I work out on a regular basis, so the improvements I noticed were in my endurance and strength. Although I had not changed my diet (if anything I had become a bit more careless), I noticed that I was actually leaner.

    Others I know have also noticed a difference with RiSoTriene. People who weren't really looking to lose weight have lost five to ten pounds on the product, and their strength and endurance have improved.

    I also found that my cravings for sweets and other snack foods have completely disappeared. I attribute this benefit to RiSoTriene stabilizing effects on blood sugar.

    I've found that RiSoTriene is effective not only for athletes and other people who want to improve their strength, but also for people who suffer from irregularity problems and chronic headaches. After a week or two on RiSoTriene, they are regular and their headaches are gone.

    The most remarkable effects I've seen have been in patients with diabetes. RiSoTriene can have a profound influence on the stabilization of their blood sugar so that, when they go back to their doctors, in many cases they end up needing less insulin.

    I'm not saying this product cures diabetes, but the impact it has on the body's biochemistry is tremendous. It's not a miracle cure, an herbal product, or a stimulant. It's a "natural" whole food that gives the body what it needs. RiSoTriene consists of perfect chains of essential fatty acids, trace minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, which because they're in perfect ratio, are absorbed into the body - not as bits and pieces, but as whole organic structures. These structures then repair different organ systems on the cellular level. They start working again!

    People in America and around the world face a serious challenge today, finding a dietary food supplement that will five them everything they need. There are so many supplements available, people often get confused and have no idea what to take. I believe that RiSoTriene will take care of all of these issues and five people results that they can feel almost immediately.

    I believe that everybody should seriously consider taking this product. All diabetics should at least give RiSoTriene a try. RiSoTriene is having a profound effect on all kinds of people - from those with debilitating diseases to those who want to bring their health to a higher level.

  • About Dr. Mark Drucker

    Mark Drucker M. D. received his medical degree from the University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences. He is also involved in nutritional and alternative medicine. Dr. Drucker has been a family physician for twelve years and is currently the Medical Director of the Center for Advanced Medicine in California

    Dr. Mark Drucker says
    As a family physician and the medical director of the Center for Advanced Medicine, I'm in a great position to help patients who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    While most doctors still practice medicine with the goal of just suppressing symptoms (they have accepted the disease as part of their patient), I've tried to take a more holistic approach. Hypocrites, the father of medicine, said, "Nutrition shall be your medicine."

    At the Center, we use nutritional products to restore the body's biochemical balance, and we draw on the expertise of different specialists, such as chiropractors and massage therapists, to help people feel better.

    For a long time we used different combinations of vitamins and minerals, all which had been synthesized in a laboratory.

    But what we really wanted to find was as natural food product that could achieve the same or better results for our patients. RiSoTriene was our answer.

    At the center, we first detoxify our patients, because most illnesses and body imbalances are the result of accumulated toxins and a lack of essential nutrients. We then replenish the body with the proper nutrients, allowing it to repair, rebuild, and restore itself.

    When we began using RiSoTriene in our treatments last year, we found that people had more energy when they used this product during detoxification. Its nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bringing fast results.

    Patients using RiSoTriene make steady progress - we don's see the periodic plateaus patients often encounter in other treatment programs. There are also fewer allergic reactions because it's a natural food with no additives.

    We find that it's almost impossible to get these same results from pills and tablets that have so many added chemicals and fillers.

    RiSoTriene has successfully provided relief for our patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Many of them had been sick and in constant pain for years - too ill to work or even get out of bed. They had looked everywhere for answers, including the Mayo Clinic. Then they came here, and we helped them make dramatic turnarounds in a bout three months. Now they have less pain and more energy.

    With the help of RiSoTriene, we have also been able to stabilize our diabetic patients. After only two weeks most are able to reduce their dosages of insulin or oral diabetic medications by fifty percent. In four weeks most Type II diabetics are able to discontinue their oral medication entirely.

    RiSoTriene contains nutrients that fit together to solve the nutritional puzzles of patients with both severe and moderate health problems. Not only does it contain seventy different antioxidants, it also has essential fatty acids. Every membrane in the body requires these fatty acids.

    Whenever there is an essential fatty acid deficiency, cell membranes leak and the body can't properly carry out even the most basic functions. Cells won't work as they should if minerals and other necessities can'' permeate their membranes.

    Many of the chronic illnesses that we see are the result of improper membrane function. A membrane acts like a fence - it keeps your cow and horses separated. When it's not working right, allergies, high blood pressure, and other problems can get even worse and you general health degenerates.

    Essential fatty acids are critically important, yet these are the nutrients people are least likely to have in their diets. People need the fat found in fish and cold-weather oils such as flax, sesame, and canola oils.

    However, the fat most people eat is not essential fat. It's commercial hydrogenated fat, the kind in chips, crackers, and fast food, and is like putting diesel fuel in a gasoline engine - it doesn't work.

    And if people are not ingesting the right kinds of fats, their bodies don't have the ability to convert commercial fat into essential fats like Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. Products like RiSoTriene provide these essential fats.

    It's a matter of getting back to basics. I learned all about nutritional medicine back in medical school, but I'm only beginning to realize its full importance to a persons health.

    Today's medical industry is based on a pharmaceutical approach - doctors take the easy way out by giving people drugs.

    If the medical profession would go back to thinking about the nutrients the body needs to function properly, we should all be more careful to incorporate nutrition into our treatments, look at the whole picture of a patient's health, and use nutritional knowledge to help a patient get started on the road to better health.

    RiSoTriene improves my patients' health because it is a whole food that contains a symphony of nutrients.

    In combination, these nutrients can do much more than any single nutrient can do on its own. As smart as we are, we still can't recreate in a pill what God has given to us naturally.

  • About Dr. David Nelson

    Dr. David Nelson, N.D., has been a health consultant for the past fifteen years. He hosted a radio talk show on health for ten years. For the past seven years he has worked alongside a group of medical doctors as a nutritional consultant at the Center for Advance Medicine in Southern California. There they focus on finding the root cause of health problems as opposed to treating just the symptoms. Additionally, he co-hosts the weekly radio show, "Health Talk, A Second Opinion”.

    Dr. David Nelson says
    RiSoTriene is the result of a specialized processing of rice concentrates and extracts. It's a superfood that provides the most nutritious complex available. It has seventy antioxidants, including tocotrienols, which have been found to be six thousand times more effective that vitamin E.

    The product is yeast-free, starch-free, and sugar-free, and its arsenal of antioxidants and fatty acids is designed to boost energy and stamina and help regulate blood sugar.

    So we have athletes using this product as well as individuals with hypoglycemia and diabetes.

    Because RiSoTriene is a food instead of a drug or supplement, there's no danger of overdosing on antioxidants or its other substances.

    In fact, we need these nutritients. If we're eating right, we get them from our food. But sadly, most Americans eat the standard diet of refined sugars, refined carbohydrates, and refined flours.

    They're not getting the necessary complex sugars and complex grains - most people don't even know what millet and whole-grain rice are. Therefore, they're not getting much in the way of nutrition, especially antioxidants.

    RiSoTriene provides the nutritional therapy and protection that our diets often don't. and because it's a water-based, predigested product, it allows for faster, more complete absorption.

    This benefit is critical for individuals who experience fatigue and low energy as a result of poor absorption. RiSoTriene gets into the system and immediately provides the body with nutrients.

    Everyone wants more energy, more stamina, and less fatigue. Because we don't always receive these benefits from our diets, we often turn to coffee or other stimulants.

    Here is where RiSoTriene can be so helpful. It gives us natural support so we don't have to take stimulants of any kind.

    And the results are more gentle than those from stimulants because RiSoTriene works by regulating insulin and blood sugar levels.

    Instead of riding a roller coaster all day, our energy level stays more stable. We can be more productive throughout the day and need less sleep at night.

    Here at the Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, California, we have recommended RiSoTriene to literally every patient - not only because it provides so many nutrients, but also because it's great therapy for a number of illnesses.

    We have diabetics on the product who are experiencing tremendous results. Once their blood sugar and body chemistry are more balanced, their insulin requirements often drop. We also treat a lot of people who are suffering from immune conditions such as lupus, MS, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

    In fact, chronic fatigue and environmental conditions such as metal and mercury toxicity are a specialty with us.

    We rely on the more natural health benefits that RiSoTriene provides as we try to find the root causes of disease, including depression.

    With this product nobody is left out. People who are seriously ill or even those who are just bothered by a few allergies find it useful. It helps everyone from children to senior citizens. RiSoTriene is even safe for pregnant women.

    We all need RiSoTriene because of the way we're eating. It especially benefits vegetarians, who often find it difficult to get all the nutrients they need.

    It takes a lot of discipline to follow a vegetarian program correctly, so we try to educate vegetarians. We typically recommend RiSoTriene to them as a complete food complex.

    You may wonder, as many of my patients do, if RiSoTriene is safe, or if you should ask a doctor before taking it. My response typically comes in the form of a few questions of my own.

    Do you ask your doctor if you can have a Snickers bar? Why would you need to ask your doctor if you can have some whole-grain rice? RiSoTriene is a food - a complete food - safer than any other product on the market. It's a benefit to everyone.

  • About Dr. Michael Samuels

    Dr. Michael G. Samuels, D.O., studied chemistry at Texas Tech University and osteopathic medicine at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth. Graduating with honors, he began his private practice in Dallas in 1983. Dr. Samuels became interested in nutrition during medical school and now emphasizes good nutrition in his practice. In addition to his medical practice in Texas, he has operated six clinics outside the United States: in Mexico, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, and Grand Cayman.

    Dr. Michael Samuels says
    Since going to medical school and becoming an osteopathic physician, I've been continuing my educational journey to help people achieve better health. If I don't have the answer to people's particular questions or problems, I work with them to try and find the answer.

    In many cases, the root disease is poor nutrition. Elderly people seem especially prone to nutritional deficiencies, often because of poor absorption. I'm convinced that one of the main reasons for degeneration in these people is that they're not receiving or assimilating the necessary nutrients.

    And I'm begging to be concerned that even younger people are often unable to absorb a lot of their nutrients. This poor assimilation suggests a more pervasive problem.

    When I graduated from medical school in 1982, Valium was the number-one prescribed drug in the world, but in 1992, it wasn't in even the top ten - six of ten were drugs for gastrointestinal problems. When a friend and patient of mine brought me a tape about RiSoTriene, I was impressed with what I heard because I remembered learning about rice bran in medical school.

    During my freshman year, I attended a lecture by someone trying to solve the problem of rice bran's extremely short shelf life. The bran contains sixty-five percent of the rice kernel's nutrients. But it also contains an enzyme that causes the bran to become rancid within a few hours.

    I remember feeling skeptical when I heard in 1978 that rice bran couldn't be stabilized for a longer shelf life. That experience came back to me the minute I heard the tape about RiSoTriene.

    I was happy to learn that scientists had finally found a way to stabilize the bran. As I see it, the greatest benefits of this product are that the rice bran's nutrients can now be easily absorbed by the body and the product is palatable - even tasty.

    This matter of absorption is essential. You can take all the vitamins you wan, but if you can't absorb and distribute them where they're needed, they're useless.

    Before I use any product in my practice, I test it first and check the patient's blood using a powerful, darkfield microscope, we take blood samples a couple of times a day.

    It didn't take but five days of this testing for RiSoTriene to impress me. Blood cells that showed marked signs of nutritional deficiency were improving greatly in those few days.

    So I gave some of the product to a couple of my severely diabetic patients and told them to call and tell me what they thought of it.

    Both called me back with great results. In fact, one man is in a nursing home, and he's doing so well on RiSoTriene that he's got almost everybody in the nursing home on it.

    Some of the most dramatic results I've seen with this product are in diabetics and older people. If a patient is fifty-five years of age or older, I automatically put them on the product to establish a nutrient baseline. Elderly people need the better absorption of nutrients that RiSoTriene offers.

    I've had great results with some very sick children I'm treating. One has Crohn's Diseases, a gastrointestinal disorder, and two others have cystic fibrosis. Their improvement on the RiSoTriene has been amazing. Before they started taking it, they were wasting away, but now they have color in their cheeks. Their energy levels are up, and their immune systems work much better.

    I treat a lot of people who, for various reasons, have nutritional deficiencies. I feel my job is to teach people how to take care of themselves so they don't have to be dependent on a physician. I want them to know how to keep their internal houses clean.

    Nutrition is the key and because RiSoTriene is so easily absorbed by the body, it's proving an integral part of my educational and treatment programs.


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