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Dr. Brownstein on Iodine:

Individual Experiences:

  • I've been on Magnascent for a week, as has my husband. We both feel a tremendous increase in energy and many other symptoms are fading. We are sleeping deeper. Our heads are clearer. He says he feels twenty years younger

  • Magnascent has been marvelous for me.  It's the first time I've had energy in 15 years

  • I'd say that Magnascent has definitely changed my life!  I have less brain fog, less depression, more energy, just  everything is better. I tell everyone that they should use  it and many of my family members have started taking it.

    I've tried many different types too, and Magnascent is by  far the best one. So far I end up giving away a lot of it to  get people to try it. I can't help it its just so amazing that  everyone should be taking it.

  • Dr. Wilkinson of Wilkinson Wellness Clinic started me on MAGNASCENT after discovering that my thyroid gland was not functioning very well. I sat in his office bundled in a coat, mittens and scarf shaking badly because my hands and feet were so very cold. I was willing to try anything, and well before two weeks were up, actually more like 10 days, my hands and feet were no longer cold. My husband especially noticed that I wasn't trying to warm my feet on his in bed anymore.

  • I have been ordering this product from you for awhile, using it for my lyme disease. I am very impressed with the way it works and what it has done for me. Thank you much. Right now this is the only supplement I take on a regular basis and am feeling very well. I am an RN working on my masters in integrative medicine and will eventually be ordering this in bulk to give to my customers. Thank you for all you do.

  • Hi , I am 53. I thought I was relatively healthy and fit, but suffered at times from low energy/black moods and a sense of 'what's the use'. And then I became poisoned by carbon monoxide from a split in our gas heater's exchange, which went undetected for four weeks. Being home the most working in front of a vent spewing out the toxic by products, i gradually went downhill with headaches, nausea, vomiting, real depression, and terrible memory and breathing problems, I was taking four times as long to do my bookwork at the computer. I literally felt I had to run away to get better, which I did to clean mountain air in Qld for a week.

    I spent this time trying to get well, and along with a detoxing program, happened upon Magnascent iodine. For the two weeks I have been taking it, I have returned to
    better vitality levels, energy, and a general sense of well being, purpose, focus and joy as well. I feel the difference everytime I take it, so I know that along with the other things I am doing, this is the one that is bringing it all together for me. I can now think clearly and have felt compelled to tell others via links to info about it, and to write this email to you.

  • Math is NOT my daughter's favorite subject. She just informed us that she is the only one in her entire grade that got absolutely every answer correct on a recent tough exam. The teacher did not point her out...only said that "one student got an A+ (which means no mistakes) on the exam". Of course, everyone wanted to know who that was. Yes, she is iodinated. She takes one drop of 2% Magnascent Iodine and one drop of another supplement first thing every morning and again most afternoons when returning home from school! We also ran into her art teacher recently, who told us that our daughter is an amazing student who continues to be amazed at her abilities.

  • I have never been one to give a testimonial, but I will for this! In March 2009, we were attending a family reunion. My husband and I were on our way from our cabin to go back to my father’s house when we stopped by my uncle’s cabin to see if anyone would like a ride. It was very dark and, as I turned to walk back to the truck, I tripped and fell flat on my face, hands, and elbow - a very big jolt. Immediately, I had a big knot on my elbow, at least an inch-size area raised up from under the skin. I was in a lot of pain, and it burned like on fire.

    When we got inside my father’s house, my step mother put ice on it and the pain was unreal! In an attempt to ease the pain, we poured some Magnascent Iodine on a paper towel and pressed it on the injured area. Of course, I was thinking I doubt this will help, but I did it. Now I sat down holding the paper towel on the area, within a few minutes the burning subsided, and that wasn't all. When I removed the paper towel, the swelling had gone down to a quarter of what it had been!

    Now this is a true story, and that is exactly how it happened, but I will say I produced a lot more drama in real life, because the pain was really almost unbearable. We were all amazed at
    how much it helped with the pain, and really we just about could not believe how immediately the swelling had gone down.


Individual Experiences:

  • In February, 2012 my husband and I traveled to Ghana, Africa. This was our third trip over there, and though I am a registered nurse and "know better", I decided that this trip we would not take Larium (the malaria preventive drug) that we usually took because of my concern about side effects.

    My husband got no mosquito bites and made out fine but on March 8, a week after returning home, I came down with high fever, chills and sweats and yes, I had gotten 2 bites and apparently got the dreaded disease of malaria!

    On Friday, March 9, I began taking a drug, Coartem 20/120 that we had purchased in Ghana at the pharmacy before we left (one the nationals take routinely when they get malaria). For 3 days I took the recommended 8 pills and I thought it would kill me. By Sunday, March 11, I had ringing ears and lost my hearing due to closed ears and still had the cyclic fevers every two days the following week, accompanied by chills and sweats. It was then that I called a friend whose daughter was a missionary in Africa she told me about Magnascent Iodine, said I should research it online, and offered me a half bottle that they had left.

    I was very encouraged to try it after looking at the clinical research that was on the website, and began taking 20 drops every four hours on Saturday noon, March 17. I was due to have another fever cycle that night it never came I have not had one bit of fever since I took the Iodine as recommended every four hours (except at night) for 3 days after my fever dropped, and am now on 20 drops twice a day for a month I feel like a million dollars except for my ears that are still closed from the medication I took last week I saw a specialist who determined it is not nerve damage and he thinks it will be reversible with time if only I had known about Magnascent Iodine sooner! I will be taking this along with other supplements for the rest of my life, a maintenance dose.

    I have recommended this to my oldest son, who also was in Ghana and returned last week (March 22,2012) spiked a high fever two days later with chills we are not sure if it is malaria although it acts a bit like it but he teased me that the "Iodine Express" should kick in and so I took half of the iodine that was left in my bottle up to him he is reporting his fever is lowering and some improvement that is why I put in an order this morning for ASAP shipping we will be recommending this to a good many people! The lady that took my order was very gracious and a pleasure to deal with as well.

    I have been increasingly concerned about the side effects of drugs and am thrilled that there are natural and safe alternatives out there and with 23 grandchildren, I will be sharing this wonderful product with all my family and all my friends besidesit is safe and yet so effective for so many things for those of you who are skeptics, do your research it is very convincing and I have become an ardent believer!

  • We are doing wonderful! Since taking the Magnascent Iodine, we are finding our health is steadily returning back to normal. The potency of this single healing modality is truly astounding -- in my case at least, the tremendous experienced improvement in health is perhaps due to the fact that my thyroid gland had really been in trouble.

    I undoubtedly had been severely iodine deficient so that adding 5 drops 3x/day provided my body with the iodine it so desperately needed. The beneficial effect of Magnascent Iodine is manifesting itself most notably in the following three ways: 1) more energy, especially of the 'mental' kind and a huge reduction in 'brain fog'; 2) increased resistance to colds and the flu and a general sense of having a stronger constitution; and 3) a definite increase in physical strength and flexibility, easily gauged by the stamina I now enjoy during my daily one-hour Ashtanga yoga practice!

  • I used to have really bad ringworm (tinea, skin fungal problems). Taking iodine internally eventually took care of the reoccurrences I was having. I have a huge scar on my leg. Even that scar tissue, which looked like a big brown stain, is disappearing. It used to be so easy to see where the ringworm was really it takes a bit of hunting to find the spot! (And it was HUGE, the circumference of a golfball!)

  • I love the Magnascent Iodine and, just so you know, I've been painting my husband's spider bite with it. We have reason to believe he was bitten by a brown recluse, and he had a terrible spreading of cellulitis from it. It had spread a good ten inches from the bite site, and got all red and angry and raised up. It was scary. The redness is now just around the bite and my husband is getting more and more convinced that the iodine is what's taking care of it!

  • 2.5 years ago my body was dying from Lyme disease which eventually attacks all your organs. My thyroid was being taxed by the infections, causing me relentless agony. The doctors put me on extra doses of T3 in addition to many other drugs to sustain my vitals. As I was finding my healing path, I found Magnascent Iodine. That in combination with Living Streams Probiotics enabled me to decrease my thyroid medication 50%. Also I had 10 days per month of inflammation pain down my whole left side associated with my menstrual cycle which now does not exist! Without the chronic pain, my life is so much better and I'm so very grateful.

  • Iodine itself, painted on a localized area of pain, is also an excellent pain-killer. I was afraid of the stinging I'd feel after severely burning my finger in boiling oil. The burning from the oil actually went away over 95% - instantly - after painting my finger with Magnascent Iodine.

    When I broke my baby toe (for the second time in a week) it hurt so much it made me cry (and physical pain does NOT do that to me). I painted my baby toe with iodine. Again, within about 5 minutes' time, pain was over 95% gone! Pain behind knee was painted. Iodine worked again. As an anti-inflammatory to a localized area, iodine painted on works great.

  • Most everyone has been pleased with your Iodine including my friend with MS (
    more strength and energy), Aunt Shirley in UP (better energy and breathing) and others who report being warmer and thinking clearer. Thanks for everything. We will reorder soon.



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