A New Mantra:
If you’re  so  smart, then
why aren’t you healthy?

A trillionaire who has lost his health can enjoy life less than someone who has very little money but has his/her health. That’s why a better measure of intelligence, than how much money you have accumulated, is how healthy you are.

By this measure, Americans are among the least intelligent people of the earth, because the people of America spend more of their lifespan (percentage wise) in poor health than do the people of all but five other countries. Click here to see those countries.

Having good health boils down to giving the body freedom to function normally, by:

  • Eliminating toxicities
  • Eliminating deficiencies

Do those two things and you enable your body to maintain itself in perfect health.

The rub is that most people REFUSE to cooperate with what their bodies need. Instead:

  • They put toxins into their bodies.
  • They eat only those particular, good tasting foods that they want to eat, instead of expanding their tastes and seeking to nourish their bodies optimally.

As wellness coaches, and in regard to helping people out, we look for nutrtitional and detoxifying products that really work and that are easy to stick with.

On this page, you will find additional products not shown elsewhere on this website (due to manufacturer requirements that they be shown dedicated websites).

These products are also best of breed products, and very useful in maintaining or regain health.


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Alpha Polysaccharide Peptides...

In order for a person or an animal to heal from injury, both nutrients and energy are required, but only sleep can give a cell enough energy for it to heal. That’s why sleep is so important.

Up until now, there was no substitute for sleep in promoting healing. Now, however, the royale_web_279huse of newly discovered Alpha Polysaccharide Peptide molecules permits healing to occur 24 hours a day, even  while awake. This enables difficult-to-heal problems to be overcome much more quickly. Please click here to learn more about these Alpha Polysaccharide Peptide products.


Cardio Care and Cardio Pro...

cardio_care_canister_90cardio_pro_canister_90Nobel Prize Winning Science has taught mankind that Nitric Oxide is essential to cardiovascular health and that Nitric Oxide is produced in the body through L-Arginine supplementation on an empty stomach.

The Cardio Care and Cardio Pro products are complete L-Arginine products that will simultaneously improve endothelial health (for better Nitric Oxide release) and protect endothelial cells from free radicals.

Healing Hydrogen Rich Water...

Sacred healing waters usually have one thing in common, namely large amounts of molecular or atomic hydrogen. Bathing in or drinking these special waters nourishes the body with hydrogen atoms. And, hydrogen atoms function as antioxidants, diminishing free radicals in the body. We recommend three sources of hydrogen-enriched water as follows:

  • Cell Food - this bottle of supplemental drops can be squirted into any liquid. It’s amazing water splitting action furnishes the body with increased levels of both hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Hydrogen Stick - this cylinder is inserted into any water bottle and after a few minutes starts releasing into the water large amounts of hydrogen molecules/atoms. The hydrogen stick is a very portable solution to always having hydrogen enriched water.


Redox Molecules...

asea_bottle_250Life begins in the sea, both for the whole world and for each person’s body.  In the case of a human being, however, we are talking of the alpha sea, or the water inside each cell. A cell is a bag of waters in which take place extraordinary chemical reactions that produce life. At the heart of those chemical reactions are redox molecules. The only product containing supplemental redox molecules is ASEA (which stands for Alpha Sea). Learn how these amazing redox molecules can rev up your immune system... and your whole life.



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