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Individual Experiences:

  • I recently purchased your 8 day cleanse and was very surprised at how well I felt when finished.  I have completed several cleanses in the past, but have to agree that I think yours is one of the best.
    Becky B.

  • Just finished the Eight Day Cleanse. It was great... am ordering Seven Essentials now.
    Tia H.

  • I've actually finished the cleanse and it went really well.  I only lost about 6 pounds but I'm not grossly over weight.  I felt fantastic whilst doing the cleanse and am staying on the similar regime of eating. Regards,
    Bronwyn D.

  • I am very impressed your product and especially so as regards how my cravings for sugar have decreased. I now feel that being clean internally is achievable at last! Thank you!
    Lana H.

  • At 74 years of age, I did the Eight Day Cleanse with absolutely no problem. My total cholesterol dropped from 373 to 227 in just eight days as a result of doing the Eight Day Cleanse.
    Kenneth R.

  • Being a successful chiropractor. I am always approached by people in the Health Industry from various companies and asked to look at products to sell or promote. People have approached me to sell vitamins, Essentially Yours oils, Nikken magnets, Noni Juice and many others. Finally, I came across a company with incredible all natural nutritional products and wanted to share my experience of them with you.

    While I've tried various products through the years, I could never tell if they were really doing anything for me or not. I am relatively healthy, but have concerns, like many people, about my heart. My father died from a heart attack at the early age of 46. He did not have high cholesterol, but he did have a high triglyceride problem.

    So for the first time, I decided to "test" these new products and track my blood levels to see what they were doing for me and to me -- on a cellular level.

    I was completely amazed.

    Here are “actual” before and after results and pictures of my blood cells, showing clumping before doing the Eight Day Cleanse and no clumping after  doing the Eight Day Cleanse. The whole difference was the Eight Day Cleanse.

    My Cholesterol came down 52 points to 167 — a 24% DECREASE!
    My LDL level came down 42 points to 105 — a 29% DECREASE!
    My Triglycerides down 24 pts to 71 — a 25% DECREASE!

    After   dr_mark_siegal_blood2
    Dr. Mark S.

  • I have suffered from painful Rosacea for many years. As a result of doing three Eight Day Cleanses during a period of 40 days, I lost 35 pounds permanently . My legs no longer swell like they used to. I no longer experience the pain that I used to have in my face, scalp, nose, ears and I have nearly weaned myself off of taking daily antibiotics in order to help control the Rosacea.
    Susan C.
  • I had such a good experience with it, that I had several coworkers do your Cleanse.
    Sonia C.
  • I just want to say that the Eight Day Cleanse was marvelous... I feel stronger, lighter, cleaner, healthier and my digestion (no heartburn) is better now (two weeks later) than it has been for years.
    Diana R.


Individual Experiences:

  • Hi, my name is Stephen D. and I just finished the 8 day cleanse. I would consider myself to be a relatively healthy person with an interest in juicing, eating raw foods, superfoods, and experimenting with a variety of nutritional supplements. Despite my healthy diet and daily yoga I have had an area of persistent psoriasis on my shin for the past 2.5 years. In these past few months I have really been focusing on healing this health issue and I discovered that gluten sensitivity and perhaps leaky-gut syndrome may be contributing to the skin problem. I am at the low end of the weight spectrum, so losing weight hasn't been a problem for me, I actually have trouble gaining weight! I had tried a 2 day water fast and noticed that it helped improve my skin, so the concept of this 8 day cleanse which would have the effect of a 40 day water fast, while allowing me to eat and taking much less time really appealed to me.

    So I ordered the 8 day cleanse. I noticed really only on the first day of the cleanse having detox symptoms, which to me were
    moderate. I had a mild "head sensitivity," which I could feel as toxins being released from my neural centers, combined with mild muscle ache, but by day two most of that was non-existent. I drank a lot of fluids and found the meals to be pleasant, though a little hard to eat for 8 days straight. I really enjoyed the steamed cabbage with olive oil, salt and lemon and enjoyed a lot of steamed broccoli as well. Broiled asparagus and squash is what I usually ate for dinner. I actually used up the E7 by day 7 and found it to be delicious! I like how this program works a lot and would recommend it to others and try it again. There were times when I felt very very clear and clean and this program has coincided with a multitude of positive life changes for me. My skin has cleared to some of its best levels without steroid cream, mostly all of the roughness and irritation has subsided. The cleanse has helped overcome sugar issues with the diet, intestinal detoxification and healing with the cleanzymes and aloe, and any possible parasites with the paragon. I feel very clean, healthy and positive as a result!
  • My 8th day was yesterday. The only negatives I had while on the 8 Day Cleanse were an intense 3-day caffeine headache and I craved eggs the whole time. Funny, huh?  I lost 20 pounds as of this morning and felt great the whole time. I love the Seven Essentials (a first, believe me, I've never used powdered shakes of any program before). My energy level is incredible, but my stamina is lacking.  Anyway, today, I'm going to keep up the good work. I'm going to begin eating slowly (eggs!) and continue the "after" program.  I'm very impressed with this program. I don't know how to tell if I lost any parasites, but I did have one tiny miracle happen.  I had a bump under my skin on my face. It felt like a blackhead but it never surfaced. I've had it for around 5 years.  When you would touch it, it would kind of roll around. Okay, enough gross descriptions.  Well, it's gone.  It never surfaced - it LEAKED through my skin and smelled like sour milk. That might not impress some, but I was amazed and have told everyone I know.

    While the twenty pounds might not mean anything to most people, it's the 2nd miracle.  My thyroid doesn't function and I am allergic to the corrective prescription.  So, I've gone from very skinny to very fat in the last twenty years.  Every year, no matter what I do, I gain a few pounds.  I fast occasionally, but never have lost more than 2 pounds of water weight.  This time, I lost 20 pounds!  I never expected weight-loss.  What more could you ask for?  I feel great.

    Needless to say, everyone is asking how I'm losing so much so fast. Thanks for contacting me.  Will let you know when we get things up and running.”

    Judy N.

  • I just finished the 8 day cleanse, having started off barely able to walk, not able to stand for more than a moment, and weighing close to 400 lbs.

    I have had NO side effects, except for a complete lack of interest is food after the 4th day. I have lost at least over 25 lbs. and an entire dress size in just 8 days. You must realize that I am not the normal obese person. I have held a ND degree for 15 years, raised an entire family of 8 on home birthing, NO drugs, no immunizations, and only gourmet foods. My husband and 8 children are fit and healthy. Never seen doctors for anything other than bone setting. But concerning my "un"-health, I have had an overload of Candida, worsening over the years since the birth of my second child (only one born in a hospital that picked up "thrush" from a nurse and spread it to me!!) and losing weight every year became harder and harder, as always I was concentrating on everyone else. I have never succumbed to any kind of "dieting" philosophy or fads, and have enjoyed otherwise strong constitutional overall good health from eating very healthy foods. Until lately, my weight did not slow me down or bother me, other than my self-esteem, for which I had no time anyway. I read your cleansing information, understood immediately the healthful benefits, but was moved to action by the time frame offered for substantial change. Amazingly, I have had so much energy and clear headedness, I can't believe it, nor can my family. So, I am now on to continuing this Seven Essentials intake, adding the Hoodia with it, and giving the RiSoTriene to everyone else. After a months time, I intend to do the 8 day cleanse again and so on, until I reach my healthiest place for me, whatever that may be. The best part of all this is that without being able to move at all, I had so little hope of getting enough energy to MOVE to exercise. Now, with this loss already, combined with the extra energy, I look forward to adding moderate exercise to my days ahead.”
    Lois D.
  • Did this 8 day cleanse back in 2008.  Now, I want to feel good again, so I am reordering and doing it again.
    Jeannie F..


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