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Blog Entries are the product reviews, opinions and experiences of the individuals who are sharing them. They are presented for educational value ONLY. We do not endorse them nor even guarantee them to be accurate because we have not investigated them. The  opinions and experiences of these individuals must not be relied upon in predicting the results of anyone else. No number of blog entries constitutes recommended use by us or product labeling. They are not scientific data and much controversy exists over whether consumers should even be allowed to share experiences in the health area since some may construe them to be scientific data which they are not. Blog entries may be missing important data and are subject by their nature to many errors to which scientifically derived data is not. We are making these experiences available only in this disclaimed context. Please see our additional disclaimer below.




Individual Experiences:

  • Powerful Cleansing Action
    Your 28 times strength Aloe product is the most amazing Aloe product I have ever used. I swished and swallowed as recommended and immediately felt the powerful cleansing action in my mouth. I have never used an Aloe product before that felt as powerful as this one. I’m so impressed that I bought 20 bottles for my family and friends.

  • Overcomes Leaky Gut

    dr_steve_lutesAfter contracting leaky gut during my years of being stationed in the South Pacific, I came to a low point in my health, nearly dying. What saved me were two products that I believe have simply amazing abilities to help heal damaged tissue, namely RiSoTriene and Concentrated Aloe Vera Power. I use them daily. I buy them both by the case for myself and firmly recommend them to everyone who wants to avoid colds, sinus infections, digestive or intestinal problems.
    Steve Lutes


Individual Experiences:

  • Haven’t had a cold or flu in six years

    I’ve used this product for six years. Whereas before, I always came down with colds or flues several times per year, I haven’t had a cold or flu during these six years. The way I use this concentrated Aloe Vera product is basically I don’t use it, except when when I feel a sign of an impending cold, such as a tickle in my throat or a feeling of congestion in my sinus cavities.

    This is my signal to immediately take preemptive action. I drink several capfuls of the natural Aloe during that day and maybe for another day. That’s all it ever takes. And, if I have congestion in my sinuses, I snort the Aloe up into my sinus cavities a couple of times. And, again that’s all it takes for me TO NEVER HAVE A COLD AGAIN!


  • Use in preventing children’s infections:

    dr_willa_pic05Whenever my children come home from school I have them swish and swallow this Aloe Vera product in the Kiwi/Strawberry flavor because it tastes so good. This helps prevent them succumbing to any of the germs they may have picked up at school.
    Dr. Willa Ann Lilly, medical doctor and founder of the Pharmaceutical Research Group


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