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Toxic Waste Dumps Inside the Human Body... Cause the
Overweight Condition
Clean Out the Toxins from the Body’s Fat Stores... and you end the body’s ”NEED” to retain/store fat

Overweight people today usually eat less food than their normal weight counterparts.

It’s one of those life is unfair situations because being overweight causes many health problems and early death. In reality, however... it is the toxic condition that is the real problem. Solve the toxic condition... and you have won a major battle in the fight to regain normal weight.

Toxins come mostly from emotional stress, poor diet... and inefficient digestion. For instance... poor digestion and elimination result in numerous incompletely digested proteins that enter the bloodstream. A dirty intestinal tracht introduces hundreds of poisons into the blood stream. Emotions such as jealousy, worry, depression and anger produces a constant stream of toxic chemicals going into the bloodstream. All of these are seen by the body as toxins.

Toxins in the body that cannot be neutralized quickly enough (because the liver is overburdened processing other toxins)... are imprisoned... by wrapping the toxin inside a fat cell... where the toxin can’t harm the rest of the body. (Fat cells don’t have much of a blood supply... they are effectively... out of the way toxic dumps.) Alternatively, the body can give the command for toxins to be sloughed off into joint, arterial or intestinal plaque or placed inside cysts or lymph fluids where these fluids hold the toxins and dilute them (kind of like a toxic holding tank).

The body aggressively counters any attempt to release toxins from their holding places into the bloodstream. This makes it very hard for toxic people to lose weight. The body resists breaking fat apart or releasing toxin containing fluids in order to avoid releasing the toxins into the body.

We have even seen conditions where a highly toxic/overweight person could exist on virtually zero calorie diets and still gain weight because the body was trying to further dilute toxins by retaining fluid.

Therefore, the first and most productive step for losing weight is to detoxify the body.

While detoxifying the body... one must protect him/her self from toxins by eating huge amounts of antioxidants and drinking large amounts of water.

Once toxins are removed... one is ready to go on a low carb, nutrient dense diet because then the body will cooperate by burning fat instead of stubbornly retaining it.

Insulin production also contributes to being Overweight!

Having Fat Layers Creates More Production of Fat Because of Insulin Resistance

Having layers of fatty tissues in the body overburdens the endocrine system (pancreas, thyroid, etc.) which regulates our energy levels.

Insulin is a fat storing hormone. It lowers high blood sugar by storing the sugar as fat. But, fat cells creates insulin resistance... actually forcing higher insulin production by the pancreas (overworking the pancreas). Because insulin is a fat storing hormone... higher levels of insulin cause more fat to be stored, causing more insulin resistance... thereby forcing extra production of insulin in a self-feeding cycle. Eventually, the endocrine system gives up, and diabetes and rampant weight gain can the result.

Inadequate Nutrition also contributes to being Overweight!

When the body lacks needed nutrients, it signals the brain that we need to eat... in the hopes that in whatever food we eat will be found the nutrients that the body needs. For some people... the reason they are overweight is purely and simply that they have been overeating... because their body has literally been demanding that they eat in order to satisfy these cravings for missing nutrients.

Obviously, the nutrition that the body needs is not carbs. Modern people always get enough carbs. The nutrients that modern people lack are minerals or other of about 25,000 trace nutrients.

The solution is to seek out a variety “nutrient dense” foods that are more likely to contain the missing nutrients that the body wants. Make sure to not make the mistake of thinking that vitamin supplements will provide the missing nutrients. They won’t. Vitamin supplements are unbalanced... meaning the nutrients won’t do you any good... they need to be balanced like food... and they don’t provide the broad spectrum of nutrients that nutrient dense food does.

Dieting is Dangerous to your Health

Free Radical Damage from Dieting

Fat burning (the result of dieting) releases huge amounts of free radicals. People who go through repeated cycles of fat storing and dieting are damaging their bodies’ cells faster than those who don’t burn fat.

For one’s own long term health sakes, one should lose fat once and for all... and not over and over gain.

Examples of the right way of losing fat:

Jim Fly from California, an insulin dependent diabetic for 26 years, after trying every kind of vitamin supplement with scant improvement, went from 120 units of insulin a day, to zero, in just two years of eating RiSoTriene (Listen to Jim). At the same time... he also lost over one hundred pounds.

Caroline from Montana went from 150 pounds to 120, in just a few months, by detoxifying her body with “The Cleanse” and replacing two meals a day with Seven Essentials... a highly nutrient dense food powder that also contains a tremendous amount of antioxidants.


Ending the Overweight Condition

Overweight people need to do five things to end the self-damage of being overweight.


These five things are:

  1. Detoxify the body. This includes removing parasites,bacteria, fungus, virus... and opening the detoxification pathways with massage, sauna, fasting, etc.
  2. Get the body out of the fat storing mode. The best way is to eat six small, nutrient dense meals (fist sized amount of food) per day, instead of one, two or three larger meals. Eating smaller meals avoids triggering fat storage mechanisms.
  3. Increasing the metabolic rate. The least expensive way to do this is through exercise that produces sweating. Alternatively, there are weight loss products, sauna, massage, etc. that can also increase the metabolic rate.
  4. Eat nutrient dense meals. Most refined foods contribute to the problem of being overweight. They starve the body of nutrients while forcing the metabolism to work harder to store the empty calories.
  5. Increase intake of antioxidants, especially during times of fat burning The best way to get antioxidants is in fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. Antioxidants need to be ingested every two to three hours during the waking hours.

We recommend the following supplements to assist in the above process:

  • The Cleanse” does more to detoxify your body in only eight days than would a 40-day fast.
  • RiSoTriene provides over one hundred antioxidants and a daily recommended nutrition that exceeds (in nutrition) what most people eat in a month.
  • Kona Deep Sea Minerals contains the minerals and trace minerals that are the foundation of cellular integrity and health.
  • Seven Essentials provides both the above plus thousands of nutrients and antioxidants in an easy to drink powder.
  • CLA Plus assists in losing weight by increasing the metabolic rate and encouraging the body to burn fat and increase muscle.

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