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In this new millenium, how smart you are will be seen by all—by how healthy you are!

Minerals are the key to great health.

The molecules that make up our body’s cells contain

  1. carbon
  2. oxygen
  3. hydrogen
  4. minerals

Minerals, with their transitional electron orbit capibilities, give cell molecules their unique functionality. Optimum health cannot exist when the body is missing required minerals.

When minerals and trace minerals are inadequately supplied to the body, mineral substitution occurs... and the end result of mineral substitution can be billions of molecules that are not built right —and therefore don’t function quite right. In addition, the tissues with these incorrect minerals appear to the immune system as foreign... and this can be the beginning of autoimmune disease and other health problems.

We spend money in vain on our health when we don’t get sufficient minerals and trace minerals which are the foundational key to molecular integrity and wellness.

98% of Americans are deficient in minerals and trace elements... because:

  1. Soil depletion has resulted in many minerals and trace elements being absent in the food grown on our farms.
  2. Modern food processing discards many minerals during processing; and added minerals don’t assimilate well because they aren’t in a bioavailable form.
  3. Overconsumption of sugar/carbohydrates results in minerals being discarded from the body.

A lucky accident has given us Kona Deep Sea Minerals as a solution to mineral deficiency.

An Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) project near Kona Hawaii (started by college students with the funding of the Hawaii State government) accidentally resulted in the discovery of a great source of bioavailable, ionic minerals.

The original idea was to use the temperature differential between deep cold water and warm surface water to generate electricity. The project has not yet fully realized its potential for energy production, but the cool ocean water being brought to the surface has proved extremely valuable. The water is mineral rich and completely unpolluted by man. This part of the ocean has been supplied with volcanic minerals over millenniums of time and the plankton and other minute sea life growing in this area have created a kind of ocean “milk” resting on a thermal layer between cold deep ocean and warmer surface water. The mineral rich water provides naturally ionized minerals free of pollution. Dehydration and desalinization of this water results in Kona Minerals.

Kona Minerals (this mixture of expired plankton, diatoms and other minute sea life from 2,000 feet below have been proven to be highly assimilable (in double-blind studies that measure minerals present in the blood—before and after ingestion).

Kona Deep Sea Minerals contain all the trace elements and minerals that will enable every molecule in your body to have its correct molecular structure.

Kona Deep Sea Minerals are naturally ionized because they have been part of a living cell (sea life that died hundreds of years ago). This makes Kona Minerals easily assimilable through our digestive systems and cell walls.

Analysis and laboratory testing of Kona Deep Sea Minerals has shown that:

  • The balance of Deep Sea Minerals is very similar to the composition of human blood serum and are in a pH balance very similar to human blood.
  • Deep Sea Minerals are free of toxic heavy metals such as Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb), Radon (Rn), Ruthenium (Ru) and Uranium (U).
  • Deep Sea Minerals are highly assimilable. Whereas, most minerals found in land plants are tightly bound and very poorly absorbed by the body (3-8%), Kona Deep Sea Minerals are highly assimilable, due to the unique incorporation within simple celled phytoplankton and diatoms. Studies show that the minerals in Kona Minerals can be assimilated and confirmed present in the blood in less than two hours.

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Consuming three to ten capsules a day of Deep Sea Minerals could be as important as anything else you do each day to maintain your health

How did Kona Minerals come to be:

Deep Sea Minerals come from an area off the Kona coast of Hawaii, 2,000 feet below the surface. Due to ancient volcanic activity and convergence of ocean currents these particular waters have been a remarkably mineral rich environment over the centuries. These deep waters have not been near the surface for hundreds of years, keeping them free from herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metal contamination. Billions of phytoplankton have metabolized minerals from this mineral rich area during their life cycle. Hundreds of years ago, as the plankton expired and descended through the multiple strata of the ocean, they have been deposited in cold, contaminant-free water. They are now brought to the surface and their rich nutrients are available in capsule form that provides their uniquely absorbable minerals to us.

Issue of Balance

    Mineral balance, not just mineral quantity is a key factor in providing nutrition to our body. Think of a factory assembly line making some item. If making this particular item requires 7 bolts and 8 nuts, but there are only available 12 bolts and 3 nuts, then the item can’t get made even though there are 15 parts needed and 15 parts available. It’s the same with our body. If we don’t have all the minerals needed in the right relative amounts, cells don’t get replenished and minerals go wasted.

    Even worse some minerals will take the place of the other minerals when supplies are unbalanced. For instance, magnesium and calcium are both present in bone, but magnesium is present in soft muscle at 8 times higher concentrations than calcium. Low magnesium intake relative to calcium can result in calcium being deposited in soft tissues in place of magnesium. The result can be gastrointestinal abnormalities, renal dysfunction, kidney stones and heart arrhythmia because the cells weren’t made correctly due to imbalance in mineral supply. Therefore, safe and effective mineral supplement will have minerals in balance.

    We know the body needs a bit more potassium than sodium because cells need potassium for muscles and nerves to work properly. There should be a bit more calcium than magnesium because too much magnesium can cause diarrhea and promote calcium loss from the bones. Kona Deep Sea Minerals offers a balance of minerals that is very similar to our blood and with the approximate same pH. You can trust Kona Deep Sea Minerals with your life.

Issue of Mineral Source and Bioavailability

    Minerals that can be assimilated well by humans must be presented in plant or animal tissue form, which is a form that can be recognized and utilized by the body. Unfortunately, minerals are becoming more and more depleted from our soils and therefore from our land-based food sources.

    Rock minerals carry the concern of pollution and bioavailability. Crushing rocks and eating them doesn’t give your body minerals it can use very well (97% leave the body as wastes) and you probably will get heavy metals that will undermine your health because they will replace lower valence minerals in your tissues (causing autoimmune problems). Also, sea vegetation from near the ocean surface has most likely collected heavy metals and other poisons.

    Even when minerals are present in foods, they still may not be readily bioavailable. In fact, most dietary minerals found in plants are very poorly absorbed by the body. For example, copper present in spinach and other vegetables is marginally bioavailable and only 3% to 8% is absorbed from the human gut. This is why purely vegetarian diets make getting sufficient minerals difficult.

    Unlike land-based, plant source minerals and unlike inorganic minerals from soil or mineral deposits, deep sea minerals have been incorporated into very simple living cellular structures known as phytoplankton, algae and diatoms. These minerals are in a bioactive ionic form. These represent the most bioavailable and ultimate form of minerals which can be absorbed by humans.

    Studies recently carried out at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) by a leading physiologist confirms and reinforces Deep Sea Mineral’s bioavailability.

    Click here for Deep Sea Minerals Technical Information

Deep Sea Minerals are the answer to everyone’s mineral needs because they are 100% hundred percent bio-available.

They are what your cells need to maintain and repair themselves.

Infants start their lives with close to 100% of the minerals and trace minerals they need because while gestating they simply steal them from their mothers.

Later, their reserves go down because of the standard american diets we eat... and soon our mineral reserves are in the dangerously low area.

The form of Calcium in Deep Sea Minerals is Calcium Chloride, the form that your body directly uses. All other forms of calcium are first converted by your body to calcium chloride.

Deep Sea Minerals are in a natural balance that is very similar to human blood. This balance makes Deep Sea Minerals better than any other form of minerals you can obtain.

Composition of Deep Sea Minerals

Note that Kona Minerals are so bioavailable that they provide more useable minerals than other sources with even even ten times more minerals.

The Recommended Daily Amount of Kona Minerals is Three to Six Capsules

Amount in One Capsule
Multiply how many capsules you are taking times the below numbers to obtain the amount of daily minerals you would be providing to your body
Per 1 Capsule
Kona Minerals
Calcium240.00000 mg 
Magnesium124.00000 mg 
Chloride109.70000 mg 
Potassium99.00000 mg 
Sodium68.61000 mg 
Phosphorous12.45000 mg 
Strontium.81000 mg 
Boron.32132 mg 
Silicon.16650 mg 
Antimony.01880 mg 
Zinc.01855 mg 
Chromium.01715 mg 
Lithium.01160 mg 
Rhenium.00577 mg 
Manganese.00566 mg 
Copper.00560 mg 
Molybdenum.00552 mg 
Tungsten.00520 mg 
Selenium.00494 mg 
Thallium.00477 mg 
Tin.00429 mg 
Nickel.00329 mg 
Thorium.00326 mg 
Titanium.00261 mg 
Palladium.00255 mg 
Platinum.00340 mg 
Prascodym.00231 mg 
Vanadium.00188 mg 
Neodymium.00124 mg 
Barium.00080 mg 
Erbium.00062 mg 
Tellurium.00052 mg 
Beryllium.00050 mg 
Gold.00050 mg 
Aluminum.00044 mg 
Europium.00041 mg 
Terbium.00040 mg 
Lanthanum.00038 mg 
Samarium.00022 mg 
Dysprosium.00020 mg 
Lutetium.00020 mg 
Rhodium.00018 mg 
Silver.00016 mg 
Thulium.00012 mg 
Scandium.00012 mg 
Germanium.00011 mg 
Bismuth.00011 mg 
Indium.00010 mg 
Gadolinium.00002 mg 
Cobalt.00002 mg 
Holmium.00002 mg 
Cerium.00001 mg 
Tantalum.00001 mg 

For those of you who are taking the famous Colloidal Minerals (of Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie Fame) please note that Kona Deep Sea Minerals more closely approximate human blood serum and have no heavy metal pollution.


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