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Get a free audiotape about RiSoTriene and it’s benefits for those with Fibromyalgia

Get a free audiotape about Collastin and it’s benefits for those with Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is a stiffness and pain syndrome involving muscles, connective tissues (tendons, ligaments), bursae, and joints. It is also characterized by severe fatigue that is unrelieved by sleep because often Fibromyalgia patients do not get much, if any, stage 4 (or Delta) sleep—the "healing" phase of sleep where repair of bodily tissues takes place.

Read below how to help control or reverse Fibromyalgia through high-tech nutrition.

Risk factors for developing Fibromyalgia are:

  • A family history of depression - research has shown that Fibromyalgia is more common in people with a family history of depression.
  • Gender - two-thirds of Fibromyalgia sufferers are women
  • Low Thyroid Function - studies have shown that Fibromyalgia is more common in persons with low thyroid function.

What is the cause of Fibromyalgia?

Medically speaking, Fibromyalgia does not have a known cause, however, usually Fibromyalgia sufferers:
  1. Do not process lactic acid normally
  2. Do not sleep well
  3. Have lowered pain thresholds
  4. Have low thyroid function
  5. Have low serotonin levels
  6. Have low progesterone levels
  7. Have impaired immune system function
  8. Have high toxic/allergic levels
  9. Have low glutathione/antioxidant levels
  10. Have experienced a structural stress such as a whip lash or fall

Although correlation does not denote causation, the most logical approach for anyone is to treat each of the above correlative factors as if it might be a cause. In other words, treatment for Fibromyalgia might well (should using our logic) include:

  1. Participating in low impact exercise routines and diet regimens that facilitate processing of lactic acid.
  2. Endeavoring to sleep more soundly and regularly.
  3. Reducing stress and increase dietary calcium and magnesium... which leads to lowered pain thressholds.
  4. Endeavoring to increase thyroid function.
  5. Endeavoring to increase levels of serotonin.
  6. Endeavoring to increase levels of progesterone.
  7. Endeavoring to improve immune system functioning.
  8. Detoxifying our bodies.
  9. Increasing glutathione/antioxidant levels
  10. Remedying structural damage to nerves (chiropractic or osteopathic intervention, sauna or massage therapy)

Emerging studies point to these potentially effective ideas regarding Fibromyalgia treatments:

  1. Stretching and massage, not weight lifting, jogging, running or bicycling, are best for removing lactic acid from the body.
  2. Calcium is a major dietary need to allow the body to deal with lactic acid removal. The best forms of calcium are derived from biological forms: such as vegetation or sea weed. (As sources of calcium, we recommend Deep Sea Minerals or Seven Essentials.)
  3. Sleeping is best assured by having a balanced life, complete with normal rhythms of eating, working, sleeping and recreating... along with optimal nutrition.
  4. Magnesium is a major dietary need regarding increasing the pain threshold. Magnesium appears to prevent the nerves from firing too quickly—or being too “hot” (low pain threshold). (As sources of magnesium, we recommend Deep Sea Minerals or Seven Essentials.)
  5. Endocrine function and serotonin levels are improved by eating essential and nonessential amino acid precursors such as Tyrosine, Tryptophan (5-HTP), and B-Vitamins. (We recommend RiSoTriene and Seven Essentials
  6. Progesterone is produced in our body’s Schwann cells. When production is low, estrogen dominance occurs (and this helps produce hot nerves—ask any woman with PMS about hot nerves). The best direct treatment is to apply natural progesterone (available at any health food store) creams during days 12 through 26 of the menstrual cycle.
  7. Assisting the body’s immune system through cleansing diets will assist the body’s immune system to optimum functioning. (We recommend the Eight-Day-Total-Cleanse also known as the Digestive System Tune-Up andCleansingEnzymes.)
  8. Increasing intake of antioxidants/glutathione is easily done with fresh fruits & vegetables and small molecule whey protein as well as RiSoTriene.
  9. Chiropractors or osteopaths capable of not only side to side corrections of skeletal structures (to eliminate pressures on nerves), but also front to back and rotational alignment, especially of the head, are the kind of chiropractors you want to see. If a health practitioner needs more than a few sessions to ”put your head on straight” he doesn’t have the kind of training you require.

Three Key Steps in the Fight Against Fibromyalgia

  1. Remove toxins, allergens & stresses from your body.
  2. Reset the autoimmune system (order a cease-fire).
  3. Rebuild the damaged bodily tissues (with high-tech nutrition).

Overcoming Fibromyalgia is a bit like rebuilding a city that has been bombed during an aerial war. The steps are:

  1. Negotiate a political decision to stop the bombing - this normally means you have to remove combatants from the city. If the enemy believes that there are still combatants in the city... they will continue to order bombing raids.
  2. Recall the bomber planes.
  3. Start repairing and rebuilding.

Combatants = toxins or allergens or stresses. When toxins settle into a tissue area... the immune system believes it has an enemy. It will not stop believing that until the foreign elements leave. So, the first step is to detoxify the body of toxins. This includes heavy metals, allergens, etc.

Ordering a cease-fire is only possible because of a substance called Collastin that has been found to help modulate immune system response, essentially telling the immune system to relax and not fight today... and antioxidants that police the town and stop damage from free radicals.

Finally, damaged tissues must be rebuilt by the most effective nutrition possible. This includes a balanced approach of all... not just some of the 25,000 nutrients that the body needs. An approach that is not comprehensive ensures that real healing cannot take place.

Fibromyalgia has been overcome by persons who apply the above tactics. See the testimonials to the right. There is no single magical bullet that conquers Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is developed over time as a person becomes toxic and body systems are degraded. It can be overcome by rebuilding these systems through time. While many of the body systems replicate new cells every five months, nerve cells take two years or longer. So, efforts to overcome Fibromyalgia are going to be long-term efforts (two years).


Regarding boosting the autoimmune system, reducing the pain threshold and eliminating toxic overload, we (along with the Doctors from the Advanced Center for Medicine) recommend:

Over 10,000 cases histories from the archives of the Advanced Center for Medicine (Encinitas, California) indicate that the following nutritional support foods have benefitted others with Fibromyalgia conditions:

EIGHT DAY CLEANSE & Digestive System Tune-UpLike tuning up your car’s engine!

The discussion on cleansing toxins & tuning up the digestive system is too long to include here. For additional information, please go to the separate section Eight Day Cleanse & Digestive System Tune-Up. Suffice it to say here that dirty digestive organs produce thousands of partially digested proteins and other chemicals that trigger autoimmune misidentifications. This triggers the body’s own friendly fire aimed the body’s defense systems at destroying the body’s own tissues and organs. Tuning up the body means to clean up what’s inside us... so there aren’t so many foreign chemicals in us causing so many misidentifications. Tuning up the body also means to reset the auto immune system so that it is no longer hyper actively firing on everything in sight. Tuning our body up means to remove the sludge that accumulates inside us that prevents assimilation of nutrients.


Immune System & Joint Support

Double blind studies have shown that Collastin (mixture of fatty acid esters including cetyl-myristoleate and glucosamine hydrochloride) may provide assistance both with Fibromyalgia and arthritis. The exact mechanism is not well understood, but it appears to be almost a lubricative (WD-40) type of support for the joints and an immune system regulator to calm down immune system “friendly fire” attacking of body tissues. It has been close to miraculous for numerous persons with chronic fatigue, arthritis and Fibromyalgia. To hear an audio presentation about Collastin click here.


RiSoTrieneRiSoTriene - picture of a canister of RiSoTrieneFood that Combats Fibromyalgia!

spoonful of risotrieneEating powdered RiSoTriene helps Fibromyalgia sufferers obtain numerous B-Vitamins, healing nutrients and amino acids. RiSoTriene is well assimilated, even by those with impaired digestion.

RiSoTriene is a name for powdered, water-soluble, stabilized, rice germ & bran. One of the components of RiSoTriene is Gamma Oryzanol. Another component is Inositol and another Lipoic Acid. These nutrients are extremely healing to tissues damaged from excess lactic acid. Additionally, RiSoTriene contains numerous natural B-Vitamins that assist the Immune System and boost the Endocrine System. Additionally, it contains every amino acid (including Tryptophan, precursor to serotonin and melatonin, which combat depression and enable normal sleeping). By adding RiSoTriene to the daily regimen, over a period of a few months to two years, many Fibromyalgia sufferers have been able to partially or completely cure themselves of Fibromyalgia. (See Dr. Drucker, Center for Advanced Medicine, Encinitas California.

RiSoTriene costs about $60 a month. Stabilized, soluble rice germ & bran, or RiSoTriene, is available through several sources; one of them being this web site.

To hear the amazing RiSoTriene story, click on Rice or Death. Or to have a free audio tape mailed to you about this awesome food click on Free Audio Tape about RiSoTriene.


Kona Deep Sea Minerals Ultimate Source of Healing, Assimilable Minerals!

According to Dr. Linus Pauling, “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” Although that broad statement may not be one hundred percent accurate, yet the importance of minerals is so very significant. Especially, in the aspect that when sufficient minerals aren’t available... mineral substitution can occur... which leads to tissues being misidentified as unnatural.

With Fibromyalgia, two particular minerals are vitally important. They are: calcium and magnesium. Calcium helps reduce lactic acid and the damage or pain it causes to deep muscle tissues. Magnesium helps to help insure adequate sleep and reduce pain thresholds.

Deep Sea Minerals provides a remarkable source of calcium and other ionized minerals with no pollution. Plankton and diatoms incorporate minerals from the ocean into their bodies, creating ionized elements that when ingested by humans or animals absorb rapidly into the blood and cell structures of our bodies. During the past hundreds and thousands of years, these plankton and other minute organisms have died and their bodies descended into the ocean depths... where today we can harvest them.

The form of calcium and magnesium in these plankton is the same form of calcium that the body utilizes directly (calcium chloride and magnesium chloride). All other forms of calcium must first be converted to these forms by the action of hydrochloric acid in our stomachs. Deep Sea Minerals has the further advantage of every mineral being balanced. Focusing on single minerals is usually not wise... it is better to bring all minerals up simultaneously to solve nutritional deficiencies.

The combination of RiSoTriene and Deep Sea Minerals is a great combination for helping those with Fibromyalgia.

Like RiSoTriene, Deep Sea Minerals is a recent discovery that only now is getting significant attention. We recommend it highly. Deep Sea Minerals are available through this web site at a cost of about $30 a month.


Seven Essentials RiSoTriene, Deep Sea Minerals Together and five other Essential Nutrients!

Ultimate Cellular & Longevity Food

Seven Essentials contains a full daily serving of RiSoTriene and Deep Sea Minerals, plus 10 flash-glanced vegetables, medical whey (small molecular size whey protein), unique fiber, probiotics and immune system enhancers.

Seven Essentials is available through this web site at a cost of about $90 per month.

Note, any order totaling over $120.00 (before shipping or sales tax) receives a 5% discount off of preferred customer price.

Products Ordering Information

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RiSoTriene - 1 Canister (Enough for 15 days)




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Cleansing Enzymes - 1 Bottle (120 capsules) (Enough for One Month)




The 8 Day Cleanse - Complete withCleansingEnzymes, Seven Essentials Super Food, Parasite Cleanse, Aloe’V’a Power, pH Tape & Dietary Instructions. Seven Essentials has three flavors... choose the flavor desired at the right.



Berry Flavor

Chocolate Flavor


Seven Essentials - Berry Flavor - 1 Canister (Enough for 2 Weeks)




Seven Essentials - Vegetable Flavor - 1 Canister (Enough for 2 Weeks)




Seven Essentials - Chocolate Flavor - 1 Canister (Enough for 2 weeks)




Seven Essentials - Berry Flavor - 4 Canisters (Enough for two months)




Seven Essentials - Vegetable Flavor - 4 Canisters (Enough for two months)




Seven Essentials - Chocolate Flavor - 4 Canisters (Enough for two months)




Seven Essentials - 2 Berry & 2 Chocolate (Enough for two months)




Seven Essentials - 2 Berry & 2 Chocolate & 2 Vegetable (Enough for three months)




Collastin and Collastin Support - One Month Pack




Collastin and Collastin Support - Three Month Pack (100 Day Guarantee & Free Shipping within US)



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Minimum 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Note, any order totaling over $120.00 (before shipping or sales tax) receives a 5% discount off of preferred customer price.




Fibromyalgia Testimonials

Dr. Mark Drucker, M.D. and Director for the Advanced Center for MedicineDr. Mark Drucker - Director for Advanced Center for Medicine in Encinitas, California, states, "I’ve seen some very impressive results when we’ve given Collastin to patients desperate for pain relief. Many of the patients had rheumatoid arthritis, and Collastin brought them the most helpful and impressive pain relief they’ve had during the course of their illness. Additionally, RiSoTriene has successfully provided relief for our patients... Many of them had been sick and in constant pain for years - too ill to work or even get out of bed. They had looked everywhere for answers, including the Mayo Clinic. Then they came here, and we helped them make dramatic turnarounds... Now they have less pain and more energy....

If the medical profession would go back to thinking about the nutrients the body needs to function properly, we should all be more careful to incorporate nutrition into our treatments, look at the whole picture of a patient's health, and use nutritional knowledge to help a patient get started on the road to better health.
" More

Dr. David Nelson, N.D., from the Advanced Center for Medicine and CO-host of, Health Talk, A Second Opinion, statesDavid Nelson - testifies about benefits ofRiSoTriene for Diabetic Patients about RiSoTriene, “Here at the Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, California, we have recommended RiSoTriene to literally every patient... because it's great therapy for a number of illnesses... immune conditions such as lupus, MS, and chronic fatigue syndrome.More

Dr. Chuck Cochran, D.C. relates the following story about one of his patients: “Theodora is 66 years old and has spent most of her adult life in hospital administration. The last 20 years was spent in a very stressful supervisor position. Seventeen years ago, she developed chronic fatigue syndrome and would spend weeks at a time feeling exhausted and depressed. At times she couldn’t even get out of bed for work. This condition left her with another very painful disease called Fibromyalgia.

As a hospital administrator, Theodora had access to all the best medical treatments available, and she claims to have seen over 100 doctors in her pursuit for some relief. I’m afraid most of us would have given up long before this time, but seems to spring eternal with this lady. Three months ago she started staking the fatty acid esters found in Collastin. Within four weeks—for the first time in seventeen years—she was totally without pain. Two weeks later she was out walking four miles a day with no fatigue, and her outlook on life had gone from hopeful to pure joy.”

Dr. Jens Korgaard, D.C. states, “Collastin has also showed promising results in treating Fibromyalgia.More

Marie A., Fibromyalgia Sufferer states: “I am 88 years old. I have had pain all over my body everyday for years. I was using a cane to walk. I began using RiSoTriene, the mineral complex, and the parasite cleanse. Now, I am walking without my cane and with little, or no, pain. I am no longer on medication of any kind. These products work! I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 11 years... I have tried everything and nothing has worked for me until now."

Debbie McMillan, Fibromyalgia Sufferer, reports: "I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for the last 10-12 years. I have tried so many different products that didn't help but refused to give up. Some friends told me about Collastin and RiSoTriene and their own success with it so I decided to try it. 5 days later I began to notice a significant difference; by 2 weeks my pain was nearly gone. These products have given me more relief than anything else in the last ten years. I can move again!"

Bob Hickman suffered from Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Diabetes and Chronic Fatigue... all seemingly having roots in a severe chemical exposure years prior. Bob’s health was so severely affected that he was at the point of losing his job with the postal service. He was simply unable to report to work on too many days due to the pain and tiredness he experienced. Bob began taking RiSoTriene faithfully and in just a few days felt improvement— having more energy and less pain. After a few months, Bob switched to Seven Esssentials and takes it every day faithfully His diabetes has changed dramatically, most days needing no insulin any more. He no longer feels the need to snack for energy. His other conditions are all but gone as well. He is pain-free after almost one year and is now going for a management position with the U.S. Post Office because he feels like a new person. Bob points out that when he began... he couldn’t afford to... but in reality as he says now... he couldn’t afford not to. As an aside, his wife, Cindy also took the RiSoTriene and Seven Essentials and in addition the CLA Plus product. She has lost over seventy pounds and credits these superfoods with keeping their lives intact.

Donna T., Fibromyalgia Sufferer reports:
"I started having muscle and joint pain in 1986 and the physician I was seeing could find nothing wrong. The pain increased to the point that it took 10 - 15 minutes to roll over and get out of bed in the morning. I couldn't go for walks like I used to, had to rely on taxi's to get around town, and nothing I took provided relief. The quality of my life was greatly reduced. In 1995 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and possible Chronic Fatigue. When I started taking Integris products I noticed the pain in my hands decreasing. It felt like such freedom to be able to use my hands again. Then gradually, other joints improved. Then, my deep muscle pain decreased to the point that I felt I might become "normal" again. The Aloe Vera was helpful with periods of nausea, the Whey Protein Essential vegetable and RiSoTriene helped me regain strength and stabilize my weight. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't had these products."

Dorothy M of Texas saysI have been pleasantly surprised with the results of Cetyl Myristoleate (Collastin). I have RA, OA, and Fibromyalgia and other health problems that exceed the ‘3 disease Limit’... I began taking the Cetyl Myristoleate in the early Fall of 2002. Didn't realize for a bit that I was not flaring so badly and was a bit less tired after about 6 weeks. I suspected it was due to a positive response to the Cetyl Myristoleate. With a viral respiratory illness in October I had to stop the Kineret. Then there was a difficult move to a new home and town...always big time stressor and the viral illness was still hanging on so I had gone about 5 weeks off Kineret and during the move had not taken the Cetyl Myristoleate for about 3 weeks. The expected Flare from all this stress had not occured, and The only new item in my Med cabinet was the Cetyl Myristoleate. It has now been a month since the move and no flare as yet with the added stress of a hand surgery 3 weeks ago added to the previous challenges. I have started the Kineret again today and will stay on a maintenance schedule with the Cetyl Myristoleate. I have cut my pred back to 2 mgs. hoping to stop completely if possible. I have continued to take Arava for about 3 + years now and I feel it is continuing to be a positive med.

I would say that it is worthwhile to give Cetyl Myristoleate a trial if your doc is agreeable...Don't just ask...take him a copy of the Cetyl Myristoleate. information so that he doesn't have to pretend that he "knows all there is to know". We have to help our docs , you know. From my experience, I urge each of us to ask and seek outside of the docs office. Be proactive in your treatment and don't be the victim for ANY thing or person that gives you a funny feeling that all is not right. (I do not sell this or any health supplement.)

Anonymous says “I have been taking Cetyl Myristoleate (Collastin) for 3 years now and have been totally with out pain.

Anonymous says, “I am skeptical of most products so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this product worked. I used it for 3 months and noticed relief after about 2 weeks. After 3 months I stopped using it and the arthritis symptoms never returned. That was a year ago.

Anonymous says, “I used this for 28 days straight as stated in the directions. The web site I ordered it from also sent instructions on taking it and the diet to be used for 28 days. My pain left! Then I started on the mainteance dose as suggested on the bottle and my pain level was a 10 being the it is about a 2 and some days a 0. I am very happy with this product.

Penny Ryan says, “I have Fibromyalgia and have had it for about five years. I started RiSoTriene in April of this year. Three days after taking the RiSoTriene twice a day I actually felt the muscles in my shoulders "un-twist", it was the strangest feeling! I had always felt my shoulders were sur-passing the top of my head and the pain was unbearable. To this day my shoulders have not gone back to the "twisted" feeling! Before RiSoTriene there were days I stayed in bed and would cry in the morning because I hurt so bad. Many of those days I just didn't want to get out of bed at all. My life has changed so much since I started using RiSoTriene! I no longer take any of the RX medications I had been taking for years. Once in a while I will take 2 aspirin, maybe 1-2 times a month, but that is usually the only other medication I take now. I moved on to the E7 and that is working great as well. This past summer I had my 81-year-old mother try the RiSoTriene and she has noticed marked improvement to her general health. I didn't want to "talk-up" the product, I wanted her to try it and have her tell me if she noticed a difference, she did! It was only then I told her the benefits of the product. She is on her second case and she notices a difference if she doesn't take it for the day. I recently told my doctor about RiSoTriene, he's going to look into it. A nurse in his office also has Firbrmyalgia and is on 4-5 different meds a day and suffers from depression. I told her what the product has done for me and she is going to read the web page and I am sure she will try the product too. I can't wait to see if she orders and if she does what this amazing product does for her!”
Sincerely, Penny Ryan Phoenix, AZ

All products that are for sale via this web site, carry a 30 day money-back guarantee of your satisfaction, unless otherwise stated.

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