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Ensuring that one’s body is in the Fat Burning Mode by Ensuring Hypothalamic Leptin Sensitivity is perhaps the single most important health paradigm for any one who wants to live a long, healthy life.

When your hypothalamus is leptin sensitive, your body will burn fat, instead of sugar, to power your cells. This will reduce free radical production in your body and potentially lengthen your life by up to decades and also help keep your body fat at the proper amount, i.e. you will be able to stay skinny like when you were a young kid. It will also help ensure that your rate of glycation, sugar-cross-linking stays low, so age spots don't develop on your hands and face. It will also help ensure that you don’t lose bone density and muscle tone as you grow older.

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The Become Leptin Sensitive E-Booklet:

Intelligence is the capacity to act in one’s self-interest. There are two factors that must be present for one to increase in intelligence.

  1. The first of these is information. A person can better his situation only as fast as he or she gains more information.
  2. The second factor is internal discipline to act in accord with that information.

Discipline grows out of humility and humility is mostly gained via pain.

When our pain level (from not getting good results as a result of not acting in accord with truth) becomes high enough) then we often decide to search for the truth or to begin to do what we know that we should have done before. That’s why it is said that wise people do immediately what “fools” do later.

You are about to receive the most important information you will ever receive about health. Be wise!

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